Things I Didn't Tell My Mom - by: Emily Roberts Jones
The Natural Next Phase of Life

Congratulations! You've graduated high school!
The whole world is before you!
You've been accepted into Weber State University, Southern Utah University, Dixie State University, Brigham Young University, and Utah Valley University!
It's difficult to decide, but you rule out Dixie and Weber pretty quickly; one's a little too close to home, one's a little too far. Southern Utah seems like a great idea, but once you actually visit the campus and see that the most exciting thing to do in Cedar City is go to Applebee's, it's a no.
That leaves UVU and BYU. You're really leaning towards UVU because you hear they have a killer ballroom program, not that you have the skills to make it onto the team, but Senior year had convinced you that ballroom was your entire personality. Everyone but your dad is clamping onto the BYU idea like a bulldog, shaking you and refusing to let go. BYU was something that your mom more or less made you apply to, which is strange because you were not raised as a church-going type.
You have no idea how, but at some point your whole family pressured you into accepting BYU's offer. You awake from your haze of Pokemon go and the thrill of being eighteen the summer after high school and find yourself picking out a freshman dorm and signing up for classes one day during your lunch break working as a laser tag attendant. You don't remember choosing BYU over UVU. You go with it anyway. You do not tell your mom you'd rather go to a school that lets you wear whatever you want and say all of your favorite curse words in all three languages you speak.

I am a cougar.

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Inspired by the Interactive Fiction Genre of Choose Your Own Adventure Books.